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Ecoland Market

100% Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 6 Colorful Balls)

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Our 100% wool dryer balls are small but mighty players in eco living.

You may as well describe these wool dryer balls "magical".
They don't look all that glamorous, but they get the job done - much better than the conventional single-use dryer sheets!

Made from 100% natural wool, our colorful dryer balls are the most sustainable choice for dryer machines.

- Dry faster, and better! The balls tumble around in the dryer, lifting and separating your laundry and so allowing them to dry faster.
Oh, and did we mention lower utility bills? Drying time gets up to 25% shorter, and so will your electricity bill!

- Green and Good for you! Not only are they good for the earth, they are so so good for you. Safe for babies. Safe for those with sensitive skin. Perfect for your entire family (no toxins! no chemicals!)

- They last for 1,000 loads! You won't come back to us to buy them for another 2 years, we know :)

- Your clothes will come out softer and fluffier. Fewer wrinkles. Less static cling. What more do you need?

- Want to add some scent? Drop a few drops of essential oils on the balls, and your clothes will smell amazing, without all the chemicals. I personally enjoy lavender, but your options are infinite :)

- Use 3 laundry dryer balls for small/med load, 5-6 for large.

Each set comes with 6 large balls!